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We evaluate your needs, and then design, install and provide ongoing support for your Building Automation System.

South Florida Building Automation Services

Building Automation System Needs Assessment

Enables building owners to grow their bottom line through savings achieved from more efficient building automation systems.

Control system design and optimization

Upgrade your software in order to integrate and to easily regulate and monitor other energy depleting systems.

Design-build installation

Whether you are retrofitting an obsolete system or in need of a complete new installation.

System Integration

Documents the performance of existing mechanical, electrical and control equipment and makes the appropriate energy saving adjustments.

HVAC System Scheduling

Create a convenient, easily manageable schedule across different user friendly platforms.

Building Facts
  • 42% of the world’s energy is used in buildings
  • 50% of energy used in buildings is wasted because of inefficient building management systems
  • In developed economies, at least half of the buildings expected to be in use in 2050 have already been built
  • Only 25% of building costs are associated with capital expenses, while 75% of costs are used to operate a building over its life cycle
  • Only 20% of facility managers use 80% of the available capabilities in their building management systems
  • 30% of energy used in buildings is waste
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We are experts in integrating multiple building systems, including the following:

HVAC Controls

AC Comfort Controls is able to bring control back to the user, allowing you to see where you may need to adjust your HVAC system during certain usage downtimes, enabling you to earn extra savings. Additional savings may be reached beyond the building automation system with a separate but parallel chiller optimization system.

Variable Pump Controls

We increase efficiency in older but not yet obsolete mechanical equipment by installing a variable condenser water pumping system to match the building's occupancy requirements.

Lighting Controls

We integrate lighting systems into one user-friendly platform, enabling you to adjust lighting and monitor usage in order to make the necessary energy saving adjustments.

Energy Management

We eliminate energy loss by optimizing the power sent to major mechanical equipment resulting in maximizing the efficiency and life of each piece of equipment.

Brands of Building Automation Controls We Work With

Belimo Building Automation Controls